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File:02 GonF Armor.jpgFile:02 Scalebeak.jpgFile:02 heavens.jpg
File:03 Dokumo The Spider Queen.jpgFile:03 the highland necropolis spider nest.jpgFile:A.png
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File:Blade & Soul Announcement of our Costume Contest WinnersFile:Blade & Soul Business Model RevealedFile:Blade & Soul Founder's Livestream - August 18, 2015
File:Blade & Soul Founder's Pack Live Q&A - August 27, 2015File:Blade & Soul The Destroyer OverviewFile:Blade Dancer.png
File:Blade Dancer (Blue).pngFile:Blade Master.pngFile:Blade Master (Blue).png
File:Blade and Soul - Gameplay TrailerFile:Blade and Soul EDFile:Bladeandsoul playing Blade and Soul
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File:Destroyer Combo1.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:FAQ2.png
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File:Factions blue emblem.pngFile:Factions red character.pngFile:Factions red emblem.png
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File:Flying Slam.pngFile:Force Master.pngFile:Force Master (Blue).png
File:Founder's Packs.pngFile:Frost Palm.pngFile:GCGCrowned.png
File:GangryuCity.jpgFile:Gon-logo.pngFile:Gon 1.PNG
File:Grab.pngFile:Guiding Fist.pngFile:HalfMoonLake.jpg
File:Heart Stab.pngFile:Hurricane.pngFile:Impact.png
File:Intro to wuxia.jpgFile:Iron Ox meat 1.PNGFile:Iron Ox meat 1.png
File:Kung Fu Master.pngFile:Kung Fu Master (Blue).pngFile:Lightning Draw.png
File:Lingzhi mushroom 1.PNGFile:Lunge.pngFile:Lyn-logo.png
File:Mist Slash.pngFile:NA Uncrowned - Blade and Soul TrailerFile:NA Uncrowned - Blade and Soul Trailer-0
File:Output YGVkKW.gifFile:Phantom Grip.pngFile:Race expanded c gon f.png
File:Race expanded c gon m.pngFile:Race expanded c jin f.pngFile:Race expanded c jin m.png
File:Race expanded c lyn f.pngFile:Race expanded c lyn m.pngFile:Race expanded c yun.png
File:Race expanded top 01 gon hover.pngFile:Race expanded top 02 lyn hover.pngFile:Race expanded top 03 yun hover.png
File:Race expanded top 04 jin hover.pngFile:Races.pngFile:Rescue Call.png
File:Seed Shroud.pngFile:SeethingRegionChoksaru Concept.jpgFile:SoulstoneMine.jpg
File:Stone Shield.pngFile:Straight Punch.pngFile:Summoner.png
File:Summoner (Blue).pngFile:Sunder.pngFile:UncrownedLogo.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:Yun-logo.pngFile:인벤 블소 추후 업데이트 공개 영상(블소 토너먼트 시즌2 결승전)

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