This is the Contact Me! section of the wiki, where you can contact... well, me.

Here is a list of reasons you're allowed to contact me for:

  • You believe that a page needs better clarification.
  • You want to confess your love to me.
  • A page isn't appearing correctly and needs to get fixed.
  • You want to give me a hug.
  • There's a typo somewhere.
  • You want to take me somewhere nice.
  • You want more user permissions.
  • You want to play the game of Life with me.
  • You have information that'll benefit the wiki. (i.e. Icons of skills, monsters, NPCs, etc.)
  • You want to know my "real name."

Y'know, normal things like that.

Just contact me at I'm pretty active during the afternoon, evenings, and early morning.

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